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Today’s Soundtrack music – Al Capone style


”A Sunday well spent, brings a week of content”

Get in the 1920’s with Scott Bradlee & the whole team of Postmodern Jukebox. Hold a cocktail like Great Gatsby, dress appropriate and enjoy today’s soundtrack with the viral phenomenon of Continue reading

Todays soundtrack – Counting stars


Season’s favorite song from one republic – counting stars and beirut, a hip hop song ‘King Kunta’ inspired by a fictional 18th century slave of the novel roots, a beautiful music ‘quantic & flower Continue reading

Sunday’s mood, Sunday’s soundtrack

Sunday Enlightenment by Michael Faudet

First new year’s Sunday, wish you a very happy new year (fireworks) & that 2014 will be an easier one and brings you whatever you want. If you don’t know what it is, maybe this is your resolution, to find out. If you are from those that make each year a list (I am, helps me focus) try to put priorities. Though they change sometimes in the way, you have some basic to start. And if you stay committed,  you conquer it and feeling great!

A cup of tea, a pen, papers, the previous list, the new on progress, a piece of chocolate and music to accompany Sunday’s mood, Sunday’s soundtrack… Continue reading