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Along with the chapters we will travel to Brazil, Paris, Vienna & New York where the photos are taken!

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About the book: The last 7 years I use Photoshop everyday as I need it for my daily job, for digital & print. When I decided to create this blog, I found it easy to make a logo, a picture frame, a banner, resize, text on a photo and whatever I needed, instead of paying someone else to do it for me, which means saving time & money. I found out that though there are many books on how to use Photoshop, there is nothing like a simple begin now guide for Photoshop as this book is. You can now change the quality of your blog & your photos.

You don’t have to have any background about using Photoshop as the book will guide you step by step and it works with all Photoshop CS version you might have.

How this book can help you: You will learn how to: create a logo, insert text to a photo, create text from a photo, watermark your photos, image size, make a frame for a photo / banner, color correction, add a symbol, create a shape, select only what you want from a photo, animate a photo, retouch skin & some extra tips.

What’s different about this book?

You don’t have to start reading endless pages – you start immediately.

Free e-book

Samples of the book:


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