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You are so cool’s mission to spread knowledge, inspiration and explore ways that makes our life happy and better.

You can find articles about self-growth & relationships based on books or experiences, exploring the how’s & what’s of a good life.

Travel tips & ideas on the travel section as you can get a quick taste on a place you haven’t visit yet or see it from another view and change opinions & tips with other readers of youaresocool.

Creativity & inspiration are major ingredients of stimulating the journey of a good life process and so does the content of youaresocool. Content that enriches our inner pool of resources in order to inspire us in every day life.


About Lena

Hello & welcome! I’m Lena, the editor of you are so cool. I have studied counseling psychology, graphic design & digital marketing, worked for e-shops as an commerce & digital marketing manager (linkedin profile), attended art therapy for two years, NLP seminar, cinema seminar, – love for the soundtracks-, learned Thai massage, practiced capoeira, tango, tumbao, different kinds of yoga and my favorite is aerial yoga, recently added roller skating on my list, travelled to some places where you can have an idea of them on the travel section, and keep going.

To know us better & keep in touch: Facebook & Instagram

I have created an ebook about learning the basics of Photoshop  as in the digital age can really useful either for a blog or for a Facebook page or even for having your photos color corrected and with a touch of creativity. It’s a simple guide on learning basic to do’s like: creating a logo, adding text to a photo and more. You can download the first chapter for free here.

To know us better & keep in touch: Facebook & Instagram

I hope you enjoying the youaresocool.net and feel free to contact: info@youaresocool.net

“The good life is a process, not a state of being. It is a direction, not a destination.”

~Carl Rogers


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