Brazil – Rio de Janeiro – Salvador

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Rio de Janeiro

11 years ago, my camera was still analog and my first trip abroad happened to Brazil. Though I’m sure many things have changed since then, the basics are still there as also in my photo album -yes, most of them are printed in album -ahh, those times…

I stayed 3 weeks & went to Rio de Janeiro, El Salvador, Morro de Sao Paulo and some places more which unfortunately can’t recall their names -but they were great, you should visit :)

Rio de Janeiro is like a huge playground, it has everything: sea, lakes, mountains, dense vegetation, endless beaches, favelas -beautiful at night from safe distance- and drops of tropical rain from time to time.

Walking around the city we were told to be careful, wear ordinary clothes, watch our bags or better don’t carry any & such.. but everything was fine, though we didn’t walk much around at night and heard different stories from other travellers there.


Copacabana, Ipanema

One of the most beautiful walks! After the copacabana beach in Rio de Janeiro, there is a small hill and then another beach (ipanema) and then a hill and another one. And then as you walk you find a lake and then a beautiful botanic garden -jardin de botanico, full of palm trees and monkeys.

People are playing with waves, sunbathing or swimming and of course play football everywhere!  In every place and every court.


Santa Teresa, Rio de Janeiro


Grab the Santa Teresa open tram to visit this historic neighbourhood in the centre of Rio de Janeiro & enjoy a wonderful view while locals jump and grab the tram for a while -to save time &

Paraty, Brazil


I totally loved this place! Near the sea, with cobbled streets & wonderful buildings from 17th & 18th century, beautiful colours, boat trips, small galleries & restaurants, quiet spots, music & ample caipirinha….all set! (met a group of French that went there 7 years in a raw!)

Salvador, Bahia, Brazil




2 hours flight from Rio de Janeiro

In Salvador you feel like you can touch the sky, feels so close to you. In the historical centre time has stopped with those beautiful buildings, women with traditional dresses, samba nights and capoeiristas -it’s called the centre of Afro-Brazilian culture. There, I attended a representation of ‘candomble’ ceremony, a capoeira class (though I was practising capoeira back then, felt like it was my first time), turned my hair into braids, met people who travelled for months & friendly locals who laugh a lot and dance samba all night.

Morro de Sao Paulo


Morro de Sao Paulo, an island 2 hours by boat from Salvador. A beauuutiful island with a white lighthouse like it came up from a Jules Verne novel. Fresh fish, lobsters, amazing beach & of course plenty of cocktails. The return was with 6 beaufort in the dark north Atlantic ocean, but still only good memories from there.


Though I arrived in Corcovado (Jesus statue 38 meter), never went up there, even it was impressive and extremely huge,  sometimes after doing many tourist things you say nah, ok I see it from here.. ‘Jesus!’ Like I’m gonna be there again..


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