Maldives or you can call it paradise. (no filters, no photoshopped images)

Maldives is an amaaazing place where you can go to rest and enjoy the crystal clear waters full of marine life. With 30°C almost 365 days and the whole scenery is just magic. Definitely worth it every secondthere!

Traveling to Maldives

Maldives consist of almost 2.000 islands of which the 600 are habitable. Many of the islands belong to hotels and in most of them you can make the round of the island in a few minutes. The development of tourism fostered the overall growth of the country’s economy and from dependence on fisheries moved to tourism. Many luxury resorts & even private islands but there is always a way on budget traveling even in Maldives.

The whitewashed beaches are made of grated corals. You can see them getting petrified when the plumb of the sea comes down. As pictures speak better than words, let’s have a look:

maldives_from plane




Maldives marine life

View from balcony:


and a baby shark swimming around..nothing to be afraid though.


The Hotel

The Anantara Veli hotel, Veli is the name of the island. A really wise choice as you have 3 islands around you to play -you can even swim from one to the other- and feel that you have more choices. The over water bungalow is dreamy and from our balcony we could see all the marine life and always had a sense that we are almost the only who stayed there, even though the resort was almost full. Holy-days. Every corner is made to feel comfortable and enjoy it.

The day we were back from the boat, we had the pleasant surprise of a cocktail party at the beach with cocktails, finger food and massage. As we found out, they hold these kind of parties once a week.




In a few words:


The food

With 6 restaurants around you, you will be definitely satisfied. One of the best we tasted is the japanese Origami. The available choices include thai, chinese, seafood of course, grilled cuisines, all in captivating locations. There is also the choice to dine wherever you like around the island, in front of the sea, upon request. Wherever you go… it will be beautiful. (burger & pizza night for a stay in room night is also recommended!)


Weather was perfect, all day swimming and snorkeling, baby sharks, trigger fish, royal angelfish, nemo and his friends all around you, 3 islands to swim around, canoeing & relaxing. One of the best places.

You have a sense of calmness and completely safety. Everyone around you speaking at the right decibel, staff and people smiling and polite, no cars of course and nothing to worry. Left from this place some years younger, I definitely would go again. (…and again)

I keep maafushi island for another post to have an opportunity to write again for maldives.




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