New York to do -under 0°C

new yorkThis winter was among the worst in years for New York. Never been to a place with -15 degrees, so let’s have a look at this frozen transatlantic journey.

When: January 2014

Where: The Standard, high line hotel

Why: Because it’s New York

The museum(s)


Moma: ok, you will definitely visit it, but I was expecting more from this museum. It gave me an ‘under construction’ sense. (Tate modern in London was more fascinating for me & Berlinische galerie at Berlin, but still you have to discover by yourself)

Natural History: Worths the visit, too big, you definitely need breaks & better to start with it at the beginning of the day

Guggenheim: Loved it, the structure is amazing! (when you finish with your visit, at your right, stop at a cozy small cafe and have sth to drink or eat. It has a door that connects it with a beautiful  atmospheric church, check it!)

The statue of liberty


Worth visiting, (come on, you are in New York) we took the boat trip but it would be also nice to take the helicopter. You can also visit it at night, which is probably awesome! See tickets

The times square, Broadway, Central Park, Empire state building


The Broadway. Neon light signs all over the streets. The phantom of the Opera was amazing & the theatre was one of the oldest in the area, helps get in the mood. Booking your tickets earlier will save you money.

Central Park is huge & beautiful. You can choose walking around, rent a bike or a bike with a driver as you just enjoy the ride.

The Empire State. You can see the picture with the number of floors to have an idea. Used to be the highest building in the world, until Dubai came up with a new idea. In the elevator you feel like you are inside an airplane. The view & the cold up there were both stunning.

The shopping

The day with the -15 degrees it was a nice chance to visit a mall. To save some time I would suggest only Century21(22 Cortlandt Street) and Macy’s for big malls. 5th avenue & a walk at the broadway road for your rest shopping will leave you completely satisfied.

The hotel


The Standard high line hotel. Stunning view, location is perfect, near the meatpacking district and lots of restaurants in the area, (near Diane von Furstenberg building also), and you are in the middle of manhattan -everything is close to you. It has two restaurants inside where you will find them to be suggested in many city guides and worth the visit & also a roof club for your nights with amazing view – though at the end of the day we were too tired even to go 10 floors more. (left sth for next time)

The food

Many restaurants everywhere & most of them in affordable prices. In Chinatown make a walk & eat where you see the locals. Before the Broadway show, taste the Trattoria Dopo Teatro, inside the meatpacking district you will find lots of tasty choices, the standard grill for American grill classics, Coliccio & sons at Chelsea is delicious with great atmosphere & you can trust your instinct as you walk around & find sth you like, you will definitaly find many delicious stops in your way!

The walking around


A favorite category. Walking around, coffee in your hands (with gloves that an escimo wear would be nice) & discovering the city. In many city spots I felt like I’ve been there before. Well, because of the movies & the books. My favorite New York scene (except Broadway neon lights) was to see these buildings with the ladders outside -fire escape ladders, right? So many manhunts, so many nights standing at the window & seeing batman maybe, have your friend knocking on the window… feels like I have lived there! (My favorite book when I was 17 has at it’s cover one of these buildings  (if you read greek here it is) & the story takes place at New York of 80s – 90s)

I had a sense that I could find everything I would looking for, maybe because of the sizes & the variety of cultures. New York is huge & you need time to see more than the highlights. Stayed for a week and didn’t manage to go outside manhattan. The weather is always important when you travel but as you see, you always find a way. Remember to buy isothermal clothes first thing you arrive in such temperatures. Taxis are not too expensive so you can use them. Closing with a food tip: eat as many burgers as you can to find the best! (& let me know for next time)

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