Scotland, Edinburgh & Loch Ness monster

How many days you think you need to see all these? Let’s do it in two days! Take only the basics with you, sth warm to wear and a camera to capture Nessie.

Leaving from greek Athens to go to the Athens of the North. Starting with Eat, pray & love, at the Edinburgh airport. Prayer and quiet room (really quiet & attentive) with a calm atmosphere and a bible in case you don’t have any prayers ready…




lena katikou_breakfast



And the day 1 begins

First thing: scottish breakfast. Me before breakfast: oh! we should definitely try haggis! It’s their traditional dish!

Now, on the question anything to declare? Yes, don’t eat it.

(at least no more than one little bite on your own responsibility )


Bus tour around the city. Fortunately a sunny day to sit outside and see the historic buildings, accompanied with gaida soundtrack. (by traditional Scottish men, wearing skirts on 4 °C!)


gaida edinburgh






and hop off to the Edinburgh castle located on a volcanic plug named Castle Rock, which reminds me the Lannisters… Over one thousand years of history are behind this impressive door. Magnificent view, military artifacts, armors, crowns, jewels, rooms of the palace and the One o’ clock gun that is fired at 13:00. (still wondering where this canon ball went…)



Trying to copy the adventures of Baron Munchhausen



A small taste of Scotch, but the best are yet to come at the end of the trip..



inside the castle..



And besides reading Harry Potter, Edinburgh castle is also available for a legendary wedding, where we accidentally attended one.





Leaving the imposing & amazing Edinburgh castle and as walking through the Royal Mile, a soup break is recommended. (be aware of the hidden haggis in foods!) There was a surprise inside the chicken we ordered but soup was really good & enough.



Quiet times at the cemetery…as we approach the Calton Hill.



And here we are at the Calton hill, with several iconic monuments and buildings.  And because we already missed Acropolis we filled this emotional gap with an unfinished replica which is called the National Monument (photo on the right). Amazing panoramic view, easily accessed, an ideal place to pic nic or read Wuthering Heights.



And closing the first day with a little more walk, coffee break in small road in the center of the city and dinner at The Honours (finest salmon ever tasted).



Day 2: Highlands road trip

8 o’ clock, catching the bus, trying to wake up and get used to Scottish accent (Whaur ar ye frae? Whaur ar ye fae? Nice tae meit ye!). Lovely people though with great humor. We saw almost all the four seasons in a few hours. I assumed Vivaldi also made this road trip..






..a look on the map while we getting closer to the Loch Ness lake.



The water gets darker…..& here we are:



Finally I managed to book an interview with Nessie, without her kids, she only once sold a photo with her kids for charitable reasons, you know… So, she’s there, she’s fine, she doesn’t care they call her a monster (high self esteem) & raising her three adorable little monsters in the unexplored & really deep Loch Ness lake. (Loch ness is the second largest & deepest loch in Scotland)

lena katikou withNessie

(yeap, couldn’t resist with photoshop)

The final & one of the best stops was in a small town or village, can’t remember the name, but it was really nice to walk around and visit a pub from 1895 (!)

lena katikou pub


Closing second day with food (what else?) No hidden haggis, cosy place, really tasty food & really close to the hotel.

Trip almost to end, last day, two hours before we go to the airport, we manage to visit The Scotch Whisky Experience, as Scotland is the place to be for whiskey (also). We traveled inside a barrel through the whisky making process, learned about different colors & flavors, chose & tasted our own!

Closing the shot of Scotland with the world’s largest collection of Scotch Whisky.

‘See ye efter!’





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