A taste of Vienna



Take your favorite warm coat, gloves – maybe forget or loose your beanie so you’ll buy one there- and let’s go for a short trip to Vienna! *City of music, city of dreams*

Take a walk at the historic centre under your umbrella – if it’s winter, carry always one- , find a cozy place (and there are many!) to have a break from your walks and let your nose feel warm again, drink a hot chocolate or wine, taste the Viennese cuisine where Schubert used to have dinner, visit Sigmund’s Freud famous couch to have a session, (we didn’t want to visit him with empty hands, so another time…), have a drink at the Do&co with view at St. Stephen’s Cathedral,



hop on, hop off in the sightseeing bus to have a more integrated view of the city, visit the Prater luna park, have a cup of Glühwein and if you want to get into the Giant Ferris Wheel, check if you can book your own carriage and even have dinner in there.

Visit the famous viennesse opera and watch ‘The magic flute’, an opera by Mozart performed first time  in 1791 in Vienna  (Papageeeeeno…Der Vogelfänger bin ich, ja, stets lustig, heissa! Hopsassa…) or anything available the time you get there if you are a fan ..and if you aren’t. The building and the whole experience will leave you more than satisfied.



of course visit Klimt’s  exhibition in Leopold museum and be surrounded by the sensuous and mysterious atmosphere of his paintings





take a walk at the Stadtpark to see the golden statue of Strauss (first photo) & more…




first impression wrong….check again


around the museums area, and here is the town hall (!)

town hall



some sweet greetings


& visit the Plachutta restaurant, famous for the tradition of Viennese boiled beef, but decide to eat something else…



and leave from this city full of warm memories dredged with snowflakes, enough to ensure that this year will be full of good luck ;)



More on Vienna : http://www.wien.info/en


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